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2018 Eswatini Open Women Section

Son güncelleme02.12.2018 16:11:21, Oluşturan/Son Yükleyen: chess federation of swaziland

Başlangıç Sıralaması

1WIMVilhete Vania Fausto Da T.14800144MOZ1793
2WCMSitoe Cheila Andre14800780MOZ1578
3Dlamini Temahlubi Queen14318091SWZ1377
4WCMDlamini Nosipho20700237SWZ1297
5Bonno Nthale11313129BOT0
6Dlamini Sincobile20700997SWZ0
7Lefa Mantso14317303LES0
8Letoao Ntsepiseng21301808LES0
9Malamabani Casey11317647BOT0
10Nokuthula MkhontaSWZ0
11Nomcebo SibisiSWZ0
12Peo Phole11318295BOT0
13Sthembiso RamakeleBOT0
14Temabuya Ngwenya20700180SWZ0