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Giải cờ chớp đội tuyển cờ vua Hà nội

Son güncelleme23.07.2019 06:14:16, Oluşturan/Son Yükleyen: gm.bui vinh- kientuongtuonglai

Başlangıç Sıralaması

1WFMNguyen Thi Minh OanhVIE1801
2Kieu Bich ThuyVIE1765
3CMHoang Minh HieuVIE1685
4Nguyen Thien NganVIE1675
5Nguyen Duc DuyVIE1637
6Can Chi ThanhVIE1618
7Huy -desarmaux-doFRA1495
8Nguyen Tran Duy AnhVIE1390
9Vu My LinhVIE1355
10Nguyen Manh DucVIE1222
11Nguyen Tran Thuy ChiVIE1218
12Luc Kim GiaoVIE0
13Nguyen Nam KietVIE0
14Phan Thanh HuyVIE0
15Vuong Son HaiVIE0
16Tran Minh DatVIE1513