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I Torneo Rapid Ajedrez960 Uvieta

Son güncelleme14.09.2019 05:30:21, Oluşturan/Son Yükleyen: josue amaya

Oyuncularin baslangic siralamasi

No.İsimFIDE IDFEDRtgKulüp/Şehir
3Corrales Mora Fernando6523218CRC1369Club Uvieta
2Leiva Calvo Luis Fernando6518290CRC1262Club Uvieta
1Baum Gutierrez Ismael6505392CRC1257Club Uvieta
5Morales Zumbado Raul6518303CRC1222Club Uvieta
4Grillo Espinoza Hanzel6523188CRC1194Club Uvieta
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