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2019 AuCC Fall Leaves JU900

Seinast dagført05.11.2019 05:39:24, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 5)


1Guo AndrewCAN871On (Newmarket)
2Wang MichaelCAN860On (Newmarket)
3Kessler DanielCAN844On (Maple)
4Guan IsabelleCAN784On (Markham)
5Luo MargaretCAN781On (Aurora)
6Battouk LoriCAN750
7Zheng Ethan HaichuanzhouCAN729On (Keswick)
8Chen ZizhouCAN700
9Wang AdenCAN696On (Richmond Hill)
10Selvarajah KabhilanCAN694On (Richmond Hill)
11Qian Ashley2636280CAN653On (Newmarket)
12Chen AlexCAN622On (Aurora)
13Dai Ruicheng (Richard)CAN599On (Markham)
14Onwuka ZikoraCAN596On (Newmarket)
15Zhou ZhenyangCAN585On (Toronto)
16Luo MilekCAN558On (Aurora)
17Huang TullyCAN551On (Richmond Hill)
18Xu AngieCAN529On (Toronto)
19Wang LucasCAN508On (Richmond Hill)
20Wang MatthewCAN503On (Newmarket)
21Wu MaggieCAN495On (Richmond Hill)
22Liu EnkaiCAN463On (Aurora)
23Liu JacobCAN300
24Selvarajah KarthickCAN250
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