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The Cup of Ambassador of the Russian Federation

Son güncelleme21.12.2019 15:48:57, Oluşturan/Son Yükleyen: cyprus chess federation

Başlangıç Sıralaması

No.İsimFIDE IDFEDRtgKulüp/Şehir
1FMMartidis Alkis5900018CYP2206Nicosia Chess Club
2Melas Renos5900166CYP2062O.FI.S.
3AIMAristotelous Vassilis5900468CYP1847Limassol Chess Club
4Kourouyiannis Fivos5900417CYP1714PA.SY.D.Y. Nicosia Chess Club
5Pasa Ahmet44561237TUR1643O.FI.S.
6Antoniou Rafail5904390CYP1609PA.SY.D.Y. Nicosia Chess Club
7Uliniuc Ionut5905346CYP1469O.FI.S.
8Stratis Orestis5906989CYP1436Arion Chess Club
9Borodich Miroslav5906571CYP1415
10Pasa Engin44577737TUR1189O.FI.S.
11Tornaritis Kriton5906202CYP1125PA.SY.D.Y. Nicosia Chess Club
12Polyakov Stepan5905710CYP1081
13Mourouzides Kyriakos5906237CYP817
14Criganuta Gherman5907241CYP0Limassol Chess Club
15Frangeskides AndreasCYP0Arion Chess Club
16Kokkinos Andreas5907381CYP0Arion Chess Club
17Makadzange Dylan11004479ZIM0PA.SY.D.Y. Nicosia Chess Club
18Michaelides ChristoforosCYP0
19Pataishas KyriacosCYP0Nicosia Chess Club
20Shatrov AlekseiCYP0None